Paul wrote Ephesians to the church in Ephesus, an important Roman city, and beyond. It’s not tied to particular issues but is written to generally help believers. It celebrates what Christ has done, and all that his work means for Christians. It’s the crown of Paul’s writings and a thoroughly Christ-centered and church-centered work.

Unpacking the Gospel (1-3)

Praise to God (1:1-14)

S: Why should believers praise God?
C: Because the Triune God chose us, redeemed us, and sealed us.
BI: Understand what God has done for you and worship.

Prayer for Spiritual Wisdom (1:15-23)

S: How should we pray for believers?
C: Pray that they know hope, riches, and power.
BI: Pray that we understand all that God has done for us in Jesus.

From Death to New Life in Christ (2:1-10)

S: How did God save us?
C: By his grace, he made us alive and equipped us to serve him.
BI: By his grace, God makes dead people live and equips them to serve him.

From Alienation to Reconciliation (2:11-22)

S: What else did God do when he saved us?
C: He made us part of his people.
BI: We don’t just get saved; we also get a family.

Paul’s Ministry (3:1-13)

S: Why did Paul suffer?
C: To play his part in God’s unfolding plan.
BI: It’s worth suffering to play our parts in God’s unfolding plan.

Prayer to Live in Light of the Gospel (3:14-19)

S: What should we pray for the church?
C:/BI: Pray that we comprehend God’s incomprehensible love.

Living in Light of the Gospel (4-6)

The Church and Its Mission (4:1-16)

S: How should we respond to the gospel?
C: By helping the church grow in unity and maturity by using our gifts.
BI: In response to God’s grace, help the church grow with your gifts.

Putting Off the Old, Putting On the New (4:17-5:21)

4:17-24; 5:3-21

S: How should we live as Christians?
C: By putting off the old and putting on the new.
BI: Abandon your old life and adopt the new life God has given you.


S: How should we relate within the church?
C: With behaviors that honor God.
BI: Relate in godly ways within the church.

The Gospel and Relationships (5:22-6:9)

S: How does the gospel change our relationships?
C: It calls us to selfless love and service.
BI: The gospel calls us to selfless love and service in our relationships.

Spiritual Warfare (6:10-24)

S: How should we respond to spiritual attack?
C: By standing with God’s armor.
BI: Expect spiritual attack, and take your stand with the resources God provides.

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