1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians is the second letter Paul wrote to the Corinthians (5:9). It’s not a prolonged argument. It deals with topics.

“Although they were the Christian church in Corinth, an inordinate amount of Corinth was yet in them.”

The gospel applies to every area of life: who we sleep with, what we eat, and what we wear. Paul defines a problem and then responds with some part of the gospel story.


S: Who are we?
C: Even at our worst, we are recipients of God’s grace and faithfulness.
BI: Even at your worst, you’re a saint based on God’s grace and faithfulness.

Problem #1: Divisions (1:10-4:21)


S: What should we boast in?
C/BI: Don’t boast in people or “success” but in the counter-intuitive message of the cross.


S: How can we live according to God’s wisdom instead of the world’s?
C: Only by the Spirit.
BI: Live according to God’s counter-intuitive wisdom through the ministry of the Spirit.


S: What is Christian ministry about?
C: Servanthood, not celebrity.
BI: Christian ministry is about servanthood, not celebrity.

Problem #2: Tolerating Sin (5)


S: How should a church respond to flagrant, unrepentant sin?
C: Through church discipline.
BI: Deal with flagrant sin with church discipline.

Problem #3: Lawsuits (6:1-11)


S: How should Christians handle disputes?
C: In line with their identity as the people of God.
BI: Build a community that reflects who you are.

Problem #4: Sex, Marriage, and Singleness (6:12-7)


S: Why is our sexuality important?
C: Because our sex lives matter to God.
BI: Your sex life matters to God.


S: What does the gospel say about singleness and marriage?
C: Submit your circumstance to Christ.
BI: Submit your sexuality, singleness, and marriage to the soon-returning Christ.

Problem #5: Food and Idols (8-11:1)


S: What happens when my rights clash with a weaker believer’s spiritual needs?
C/BI: Limit your freedom to what’s helpful for others.


S: What does it look like to surrender one’s rights?
C: It looks like elevating the other believers and the spread of the gospel over your rights.
BI: Prioritize others and the spread of the gospel over your rights.


S: What danger do we face?
C: Failing to live for the glory of God.
BI: Don’t blow your chance to live for the glory of God.

Problem #6: The Gathering (11:1-14:40)


S: How should we worship God?
C: In a way that honors your maleness and femaleness.
BI: Worship God with your maleness and femaleness.


S: How should we celebrate the Lord’s Supper?
C/BI: As one body, remember and proclaim what Jesus has done for us.


S: How should we use our gifts in the church?
C: To build up the body of Christ in reliance on others.
BI: Use your gifts as part of the body.


S: What’s even better than spiritual gifts?
C: Love.
BI: Spirituality is measured by love more than giftedness.


S: How should we use our gifts?
C: To build up the church to promote order and peace.
BI: Pursue gifts that help the body grow.

Problem #7: Some Deny the Resurrection (15)


S: What is the significance of the resurrection?
C/BI: The resurrection is central to the gospel, our lives, and our hope.

Collection (16)

S: How then should we live?
C: By making the most of your money and time.
BI: In light of Jesus, make the most of your money and time.

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