Colossians is written to address the growing concern about changing the gospel message. It reminds us that nothing needs to be added to the work of Christ. He is more than enough. True growth comes from remaining firmly tied to him.

Introduction and Greeting (1:1-14)


S: What does the gospel do?
C: It changes the world and us.
BI: The gospel changes the world and us.

False Teaching Condemned (1:15-2:23)


S: What do you need other than Jesus?
C: Nothing, because there’s nobody more preeminent than Jesus.
BI: You don’t need anyone other than Jesus because there’s nothing and nobody better than Jesus.


S: What is Christian ministry about?
C: Proclaiming Jesus so that everyone is complete in Jesus.
BI: Ministry is about proclaiming Jesus so that everyone is complete in Jesus.


S: How should we respond to false teaching?
C/BI: Cling to Christ and reject false teaching.

Exhortations to Christian Living (3:1-4:17)


S: How should we live out our new identity?
C: Put off the old and put on the new.
BI: You’re new, so act new.


S: How does the gospel transform relationships?
C: They look the same outside, but they’re different on the inside.
BI: In Christ, our relationships are the same outside, but different on the inside.


S: How should we act toward unbelievers?
C: Speak to God about them and to them about God.
BI: Speak to God about people and to people about God.


S: With whom do we serve?
C: The gospel partners God has given us.
BI: We’re in this together.

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